Our restaurant is in the context of improving services, decided to engage in service delivery of meals to Prague via the portal DameJidlo.cz. Since July 20, 2014 so you can order a meal using this delivery service to your home or office. The price distribution varies depending on the destination where you are. Below in this article, you can see a map of where you can order our food. The entire zone in which are distributed is divided into two parts. Prices deliveries range from CZK 29 to CZK 39. If your order exceeds CZK 500, you have from us free delivery. Service DameJidlo.cz extra guarantees that these locations will be food delivered within 1 hour of ordering.

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On delivery, you can order anything from our menu. From the lunch menu over the regular menu to desserts or drinks in bottles or cans. All dishes are packed into modern preserving boxes, which are suitable for any heating in a microwave oven.

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