• Starters and soups
  • Main meals
  • Maxiburgers, Spaghetti and Crepes
  • Salads and desserts

Starters and beer snacks

100 g / 150 g Beef tartar finely chopped beef sirloin with a selection of spices, egg yolk and fried bread (4 pieces / 6 pieces) 209 CZK / 286 CZK
100 g Marinated hermelin Camembert-style cheese with onion, garlic and chilli peppers 89 CZK
1 pc Pickled smoked sausage spicy smoked sausage with white onion, Znojmo gherkin and fresh chilli pepper, pickled in vinegar with black pepper and allspice 49 CZK
70 g Homemade crackling spread with garlic and marjoram, toasted bread 79 CZK
200 g Fried onion rings served on a bed of iceberg lettuce, garlic dip 104 CZK
150 g Old fashioned Prague whitebait small fish coated in flour and fried, served with garlic mayonnaise and lemon 109 CZK
150 g Fried dumplings with eggs, bacon and onion, gherkin our tip 112 CZK
2 pcs Spicy smoked sausage roasted with dark beer and fresh chilli pepper, onion, pepper and tomatoes specialty 116 CZK
1 pc Grilled old Bohemian sausage XL with mustard, horseradish and fresh bread 129 CZK
150 g White brawn with vinegar and onion 112 CZK
200 g Assorted chicken and pork schnitzels in a basket with fresh bread, lemon and gherkin 197 CZK
300 g Spicy chicken wings served in a basket with garlic dip and fresh bread specialty 137 CZK
250 g Cheese fries straw fries with jalapeños pepper baked with cheese served with sour cream 126 CZK
300 g French Fries served in a basket with tatar sauce 109 CZK
1 pc Kvetnice sandwich toast bread with home-made mayonnaise, sous-vide tourkey breast,roasted bacon,fried egg, iceberg lettuce, arugula and tomato slices 159 CZK

Květnice Tortilla

  Spicy wheat tortilla with chicken pieces,jalapenos peppers, cheddar,pomodoro sauce and red onion served with summer salad and sour cream dip 147 CZK
  Cheese wheat tortilla with hermelin cheese,edam,fried egg and drop of cream served with summer salad and spicy dip 148 CZK
  Pork wheat tortilla with shredded pork,edam cheese,sliced tomatoes,onion and lime juice served with summer salad 147 CZK
  Turkey wheat tortilla with slices of sous-vide turkey breast ,hermelim,corn, spring onion served with summer salad and sour cream dip 149 CZK


300 ml Strong beef broth simmered overnight with meat, root vegetables and noodles 59 CZK


Traditional Czech Cuisine

200 g Larded beef sirloin served with bread dumplings and a slice of lemon garnished with cranberry jam and whipped cream 214 CZK
200 g Maxi braised beef roll stuffed with bacon, smoked sausage, egg, gherkin and onion, boiled rice 221 CZK
200 g Moravian roast pork basted with Pilsner beer, served with white sauerkraut and potato dumplings our tip 208 CZK
170 g Fried Edam cheese with buttered boiled potatoes and homemade tartar sauce 174 CZK

From the grill and frying pan

300 g Preštice pork loin steak with grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes with spring onion 272 CZK
200 g Grilled chicken breast on a bed of summer salad served with sour cream dip our tip 256 CZK
300 g Grilled pork neck with fried egg, red onion served with cabbage salad with horseradish, straw fries 264 CZK
600 g Spicy chicken wings with garlic dip, served with fresh bread 226 CZK
200 g Assorted chicken and pork schnitzels with homemade potato salad and lemon 237 CZK



170 g Květnice burger made from high-quality beef, au gratin with bacon and cheddar cheese, served with fresh vegetables and cocktail sauce in a bun, potato wedges our tip 242 CZK
170 g Mexican burger made from high-quality beef with bacon, cheddar and jalapeño chilli peppers in a bun with fresh vegetables and spicy sauce, spiced potato wedges  247 CZK
170 g „Trhan“ chopped smoked knuckle with cabbage salad and horseradish dip in a bun, straw fries our tip 242 CZK


400 g Spaghetti Aglio olio with fresh chilli, parsley, extra virgin olive oil and fried sliced garlic, sprinkled with fresh parmesan 139 CZK
400 g Spaghetti Bolognese with a traditional Italian mixture of minced meat, tomatoes and spices, sprinkled with parmesan 171 CZK
400 g Spaghetti Spinach with roasted chicken breast, spinach leaves and garlic in a delicious cream sauce sprinkled with parmesan cheese 179 CZK

Savoury crepes

  Farmer’s with slices of ham off the bone, goat’s cheese, pear, rocket, walnuts and a drop of cream 139 CZK
  Forest style with strips of pork, mixed forest mushrooms, fried courgette, spring onion, a drop of cream and a heap of parmesan our tip 142 CZK
  Spicy with chorizo salami, jalapeño chilli peppers, cheddar cheese and a drop of tomato sauce 136 CZK
  Spinach with slices of English bacon, spinach, onion and garlic, crushed pepper and a drop of cream our tip 137 CZK

Sweet pancakes

  Pear pancake with sweet vanilla quark, slices of pear, Belgian chocolate and a scoop of vanilla ice cream 126 CZK
  Nutella pancake with slices of pineapple, toasted hazelnuts, Nutella, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and homemade whipped cream 126 CZK
  Banana crepe with slices of banana,Belgian chocolate and a scoop of vanilla ice cream our tip 126 CZK



300 g Caesar with romaine lettuce and Caesar dressing, chicken breast, parmesan shavings, bacon chips and herbed croutons 218 CZK
300 g Goat salad assorted lettuce leaves with baked goat’s cheese, pear, rocket and walnuts, dressed with olive-honey oil our tip 229 CZK
300 g Grilled vegetables with Provencal spices (pepper, onion, zucchini) 99 CZK
  Small Bohemian with Balkan cheese, tomatoes, cucumber and pepper 97 CZK
  Small summer salad assorted lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers dressed with home-made basil pesto 92 CZK
  Small cabbage salad with white cabbage,carrots, horseradish and parsley 56 CZK


  Cheesecake 86 CZK
  Grilled pineapple with cane sugar sauce our tip 86 CZK
  Lemon ice cream sorbet 86 CZK


  Bowl of olives 48 CZK
  Roasted almonds 48 CZK
  Crisps (salted, wasabi) 48 CZK