Concert of Artur Ostrý was really sharp. The weather was quite nice, but we get wet and beer flowed. Instead of warming sunshine along with beautiful ladies that they came to us offering Rum Bucanero. Artur played and sang along with enthusiastic audiences of up to 10 pm. Atmosphere blues music wafted hill Na Květnici as the source of the river flow beautiful valley. Just under the chestnut trees it goes.

The smell of barbecue was incredible and the taste buds of guests drooling because food is with us as from a dream. Finally, the concert all pleasantly surprised by fireworks and everyone profusely took pictures with Arthur. He promised over and over again to all who did not want to stop playing it this year with us perform.

Many thanks for your participation and look forward to further action on Na Květnici. 

Look at some photos from the event.

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