No one would probably expect that with us under the chestnut trees made house party. Dance djs sets MeryEn and Tokátko showed, however, that anything is possible. The event attracted us to the great attendance dancers. Newly equipped stage with bassist added a new house party better sound and rhythm of the modern House is carried from the 6 pm to garden. The rhythm of house music is swinging and visitors, from which it waited only a few.

Dj Tokátko chose to start really great dance music accompanied by a saxophone and from 7 pm began to play music and Dj MeryEn got a little harder feel. With the waning sun is still and always drifted crowds who came to MeryEn.

Hamburgers on the grill is not enough to produce and visitors had to bulge behind the ears and slapped into the rhythm of house music. Tank Kozel flowed freely as always perfectly chilled and youngest miss our house party enjoyed it.

Many thanks for your participation and look forward to further action on Na Květnici.

View a short videos and a few photos from the event.

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