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Zavřeno 16. - 17.11. 2019

V sobotu a neděli 16.-17.11.  2019  je restaurant Na Květnici uzavřen.

Děkujeme za pochopení.

Concert Šlapeto band - November 2, 2014

On Sunday November 2, 2014 took place in our restaurant group Šlapeto chamber concert and was just super. Šlapeto started off in style as usual. Despite Sunday's deadline, our pub nicely filled and the entire visitors have enjoyed our delicious dishes and excellent beer.

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Concert Country Seschlost band - September 4, 2014

September 4, 2014 took place at our country Na Květnici pleasant evening in the company of the band Country Seschlost. Country echoed hill Na Květnici as a summer breeze meadow. Beer flowed, children danced and did not want them home. Just another wonderful summer evening on Na Květnici. In detail, the article describes several pictures of this hilarious event.

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Carnival - August 8, 2014

At the first annual carnival Na Květnici came a lot of people. Pity that guests do not come in masks, but rather just look. And that was something to watch, to make yourself the photos. The entire staff was undertaken masks perfectly and I can not wait for next year. Everyone wanted to take pictures of our service, the atmosphere relaxed and cheerful and smiling people. Music from the 80s and 90s of the last century was marked quietly among chestnut trees and the Disco Stu was great dj.

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Artur Ostrý with the Motion Food band - August 7, 2014

Artur's second appearance, this time with the band Motion Food. The weather was perfect for blues rhythms, neither hot nor cold. Tank goat spun shock and specialties from the grill and burgers were again delicacy dinner. Na Květnici crowded garden bursting at the seams. Concert of was a success and the guests were very satisfied.

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Dj MeryEn and Dj Tokátko - July 18, 2014

No one would probably expect that with us under the chestnut trees made house party. Dance djs sets MeryEn and Tokátko showed, however, that anything is possible. The event attracted us to the great attendance dancers. Newly equipped stage with bassist added a new house party better sound and rhythm of the modern House is carried from the 6 pm to garden. The rhythm of house music is swinging and visitors, from which it waited only a few.

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Mc Erik and Petra - July 17, 2014

Concert of Mc Erika with singer Petra was realized at the third attempt, when we finally got better weather and the sun came out. Guests attended the blessing and the mood and the atmosphere was great. Beer flowed and specialties from the grill smelled all over the garden. The atmosphere was under the chestnut trees as if they were a few decades ago. Mc Erik with singer Petra performed his old hits and two new songs, what with us on Na Květnici premiered.

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Artur Ostrý Concert - June 26, 2014

Concert of Artur Ostrý was really sharp. The weather was quite nice, but we get wet and beer flowed. Instead of warming sunshine along with beautiful ladies that they came to us offering Rum Bucanero. Artur played and sang along with enthusiastic audiences of up to 10 pm. Atmosphere blues music wafted hill Na Květnici as the source of the river flow beautiful valley. Just under the chestnut trees it goes.

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