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Zavřeno 16. - 17.11. 2019

V sobotu a neděli 16.-17.11.  2019  je restaurant Na Květnici uzavřen.

Děkujeme za pochopení.

Join us May 30, 2014 to celebrate the coming summer season and have fun on our summer garden reopened. It's ready for you 300 outdoor seats. In addition to traditional options enjoy our dishes and drinks we have also prepared a varied cultural program. From 5:00 pm starts a series of performances that opens young singer Annie T with her and musical hits. Will continue the legendary String Trio d'archi di Praga, which in its submission boutique plays songs from such composers such as were Mozart, Beethoven and other world composers. The main highlight of the evening will be a magician, illusionist and humorist Richard Nedved, who will perform with his breathtaking show. The evening concludes Mc Erik singer Peter, who will sing the greatest hits grouping Mc Erik and Barbara of 90 years.

  • Date: May 30, 2014
  • Time: 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Place: Restaurant Na Květnici
  • Entry: Free

If you want to book a place at the table, you can purchase a reservation at our restaurant in the price of CZK 120.
Note: Event can be canceled due to extreme weather. Event will be moved to another date.

Mc Erik

Show starts at 8:00 pm
Mc Erik is half successful bands of the late 90s named Mc Erik & Barbara. The two-member group was founded in March 1995, defectors from the Slovak group Maduar, composer and singer Eric Aresti and singer Barbara Haščáková. That same year, Erik and Barbara signed a contract with the company Polygram to release three albums in 1997 and released their first joint single I'm Free, soon followed by a single U Can not Stop and eponymous album, which became a bestseller throughout Europe.

In March 1996 Mc Erik & Barbara emit single Save the Jungle, accompanied by a music video, located in a scifi setting, in August recorded a great success with the album reeditions U Can not Stop in Germany, Belgium, Finland, andTHE SWISS, the same year also represented Slovakia at the competition Eurovision and organized an extensive tour of Europe.

Since 1998 Erik and Barbara cooperation declining and each is dedicated to his solo projects. In 2010, Erik and Barbara released a new CD titled 2010, this time from TRUSTIA, containing fourteen songs - seven newly-recorded greatest hits, five new songs and two remixes. On Květnici will Mc Erik with his new singer Petra.


Youtube video:

Richard Nedvěd

Show starts at 7:00 pm
Richard Nedved is a comedian, magician and occasional actor. He became famous in Stand-up comedy "Na Stojáka" on HBO. He participated in the first series Czech & Slovakia has talent, where he placed second. Richard Nedved started with magic tricks in 1999 and nine years later, in 2008, began conjuring professionally. With his stand-up comedy outputs first featured on the magical competitions, bars and corporate events. For a great success over time appeared on the show on HBO cable TV Stands and later in the competition Czech Slovakia has talent. Then Richard accepted the offer Jaroslav Kunc, who became his manager. Finally, an advertising campaign for T-Mobile, where Richard his stand-ups offered people the benefits of the Magic Tuesdays. In 2011, he became the patron of Richard Nedved Handicap heart center in Podebrady, which helps people with physical and mental disabilities in particular. As a faithful reader of the magazine Čtyřlístek, Richard became in 2012 the godfather Museum Čtyřlístek Doksy at Macha Lake.

Web: http://www.richardnedved.cz/

Youtube video:

Trio d'archi di Praga

Show starts at 6:00 pm
Trio d'Archi di Praga was founded in 1982 Jiri Vanek, Oldrich Smola and Jaroslav Chovanec. The cast performed a concert trio throughout Europe and also in Spain. After 1993, gradually sat down to post viola and cello sons of the original members, Paul Chovanec and Oldrich Smola, Jr., sat at the counter of the violin Jan Mráček. Current trio continues begun a successful artistic career of the original cast, and its program has made successful tour of Europe and successfully represented the Czech music even in the most prestigious halls in Tokyo. In programs trio includes both traditional classical literature starting with parts of Czech classicism (Vaňhal, Vranický), through the work of the Viennese Three Stars (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven) to the works of Czech modern music (Jira, Domažlický, Hanus).

Web: http://www.triodipraga.cz

Youtube video:

Anička T

Show starts at 5:00 pm
The young struggling artist who would like to become part of the musical world. From an early age is dedicated to music. The beginnings of her singing was born in the church community in the Hussite Church in Jílové near Prague. Second Primary School dochodila to school with extended musical education and annually participated in the competition sprig of Prague, where trying to succeed in the already mentioned the musical singing. Several times successfully. He says that music is an integral part of her life. He brings her taste and joy to life. And their singing would love it and forwarded on.


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