Na Květnici Restaurant

Na Květnici Restaurant is situated in an old Sokol building in a majestic place overlooking the Nusle town hall and Synek Brothers Square. The adjacent garden fulfils the demands of summer visitors. The incredible capacity of the restaurant is tended by professional and friendly staff serving tank beer with snacks from an outdoor BBQ or kitchen.

Czech cuisine has always been the pride of Na Květnici Restaurant and we continually try to improve it even further. Fresh ingredients, a great recipe selection and, above all, the honest work of our chefs will remind you of the delicious dishes from our grandmothers' pots. You will be surprised about all the things these traditional recipes can feature. However, we also know that progress cannot be stopped and have expanded our menu to include several popular dishes from around the world.

Whether you come to just sit down with your friends or celebrate family anniversaries... can trust us that our beer is just the right temperature and the food is an absolute dream.

How to find us